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Professional Vinyl & Safety Floor Cleaning Services Glasgow

Are you looking for a reliable vinyl & safety floor cleaning specialist in Glasgow whom you can rely on to be cost-effective while delivering a highly professional finish? You have come to the right place!

Vinyl flooring is very durable and has many functionalities that make it very popular in homes and businesses. Vinyl flooring comes in many different forms and can be made to replicate pretty much any flooring. Many luxury types of vinyl like Karndean and Amtico are becoming very popular and are becoming a luxurious type of flooring similar to that of Natural Sone Flooring. Amtico and Karndean floors are expensive and need cleaning and maintenance through time. They periodically need stripped and sealed to protect and to give an excellent finish.

Safety Floor Cleaning in Glasgow

Safety flooring is vital to be kept in good condition so that its non-slip qualities are not compromised. Safety flooring comes in many different types, and correct cleaning and maintenance are essential.

Altro and dalsouple floorings are very tough and resilient but still attract grease and grime, which will decrease the floors desired non-slip properties. Our specialised cleaning solutions and equipment will strip of the pollutants to leave the flooring in its natural safety desired functionality. They are very common in workplace bathrooms and kitchens along with domestic wet rooms.

Linoleum is very common for high traffic and large areas. Restoring will consist of stripping old sealants while applying new coats of seal and polish. Your floor will look great while increasing the durability and give a higher non-slip functionality.

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